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Rossney Pictures is an amalgamation of those skills based on years of experience  where the focus is purely on narrative drama and high end commercials.


Partnering with local and global Post-Production & Visual Effects facilities along with some of the worlds top production crews any project is on the table providing it meets the company mantra.


Rossney Pictures is an Irish Independant Film & TV Commercials Production Company

Award winning designer and director, Brian Rossney brings nearly twenty years of design and video post-production experience to each project.


Rossney Pictures is dedicated to producing high quality narrative drama and high end commercials tailored for TV & Cinema.

Brian Rossney  is a producer, director. writer vfx artist, animator and editor  trading as  Rossney Pictures.

"The Story is everything"
This is the mantra that Rossney Pictures strongly believes in.
Nothing can save a poor story or a poor idea.  Getting those elements right at the beginning is crucial to a quality production no matter what the scale.

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